What features need to consider when purchasing a hiking shirt?

Hiking is one of the most daring activities. You cannot wear the usual jerseys when hiking; you need special cloth shirts that are especially tailor-made to the needs of the trips. The design, the fabric, the color, the weight, and the UPF factor should be taken care of before purchasing a specific hiking shirt.

If you are looking for a comfortable trekking shirt that can you can wear during physical activity or other outdoor activities; you should consider several aspects before buying one, as the material of the shirt is made of 100% cotton poplin making it soft, lightweight and breathable. To feel fresh during outdoor activities, it is important that your hiking shirt equips with air intakes on the front and under the armpits.

It is very important to pay close attention to the things used in the making of the shirt, as unsuitable ingredients can cause allergic reactions that can damage the skin. Always try to find recycled polyester shirts because they are eco-friendly thanks to their polyester and recyclable fiber composition.

If you want to go at high altitudes, always choose hiking shirts with Ultraviolet Protection Factor. The UV protection factor or UPF indicates the amount of ultraviolet radiation sends out by the sun that is absorbed by an individual. The high UPF fabric will indicate that it can prevent the sun's ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin.

In addition to the fabric, it is also very important to choose the right color for your shirt. While a light shirt offers limited protection, a dark shirt offers complete protection from ultraviolet rays transmitted through the sun. Before you decide a hiking shirt, you should pay attention to this point, as the harmful UV rays of the sun can later cause skin cancer.